According to one article 18 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction in the US. The Cleveland Clinic states that it’s normal for men to have trouble getting or keeping and erection for up to 20 percent of sexual encounters. So seeing that this is such an issue, we decided to try Blue Chew. For anyone in the swing lifestyle, there is nothing more frustrating when you find a sexy couple that is down to fuck, go back to the room and…weak performance game or worst yet nothing at all going on. While this is completely common and normal for most guys we’ve talked to, there are tips we recommend to keep this issue from being a mood killer. One of them is trying some type of male enhancement pill like Blue Chew.

This might sound like a taboo subject to discuss, but a swinger situation is pretty unique. First of all, you’ve likely just met this couple or don’t really know them super well. Everyone is nervous and if you lack the experience, getting naked or performing with a few other people in the room can lead to a limp dick. Secondly, you might have spent the night over conversation and drinks. Because of the nerves, maybe you’ve had one too many and unfortunately now have a sever case of what is casually called “whiskey dick.” Alcohol has been commonly known to cause boner problems. Thirdly, many men aren’t used to wearing a condom with their spouse at home. Playing safe is always a good idea, but the downside is that if you’re not used to wearing a condom, your hard stiff meat bat might go soft as soon as you put one on.

So the problems outweigh your pride, so our recommendation is to get a safe, fucking pill that can help alleviate these issues so everyone can enjoy and have a good time.

So in our search, we came across a company called Blue Chew. On their website it states the following: “ is a unique service started by passionate entrepreneurs in 2014 to help people get access to convenient, affordable, chewable tablets for more confidence in bed.” Blue Chew is apparently also made in the US, bonus! We decided to try it out and see what something like this could do to our sex life. So we’ll spare you the long drawn out version and give you some bullet points on what we liked and didn’t like about Blue Chew.

• Blue Chew process is a bit more complicated than buying something over the counter. You select a monthly subscription plan from their website that fits your lifestyle, then after you place your order you will be scheduled for a video chat phone call with a nurse practitioner or a MD. Apparently this is treated as an actual prescription, so you’ll need the doctors approval. I had never taken anything like this before, so I decided to try the low dose of the Tadalafil to start. I also wanted a more prolonged effect, so I chose the Tadalafil over the Sildenafil, which only lasts 4-6 hours.

• My doctor appointment went fine. They just asked a few medical questions, nothing too invasive. They also are available to ask any other medical questions you might have. The girl who interviewed me was polite and respectful. My prescription was written out shortly after and ready to ship.

• The package came in a regular FedEx type envelope. I only had 4 packages so no need for a huge box. The package was discreet with no label on it that your neighbors might see or snoop about.

• I was anxious to try so I took one for some playtime later that evening with the wife. The pill was blue and small, and tasted like a Smartee candy, which was very pleasant. I, don’t know why, but I was under the impression these were gum pieces that you can “chew” on. But no big deal, I chewed up the piece easily with little to no taste of the medicine at all.

• The action that night was 5 star. No horrible side affects like headaches or sinus problems I’ve had with other pills. All it took was some hot kissing and touching to get me hard as a rock. Lynn loves to ride a hard dick, so she hopped on and came the first time after letting me fuck her on top. In fact, if I remember right, she squat fucked me till we were hot and sweaty and I pulled out and came all over my stomach like a geyser. Thumbs up on the first try for Blue Chew.

• Second and third try for Blew Chew were a dud. I won’t go into the details here, but I will admit I had a few drinks and the playtime went late into the evening so I could have been tired. Also, our standard protocol is to use condoms, so those three combined was probably a huge factor. I won’t completely blame the Blue Chew, but I was hoping for some added resilience here.

• I ended up ordering a up’d dose of the Tadalafil, from the 6mg I started wtih to the 9mg dose. But after a few tries with the 9mg, I was convinced that Blue Chew, unfortunately, wasn’t going to help me much here.

Our overall experience with Blue Chew would have to be rated a 3 out of 5. Mostly because out of 5 tries, you probably have a only a 30% success rate. Even the other attempts I had, I eliminated any alcohol and wasn’t too tired, so there should have been a bigger boost. I still got hard, but couldn’t stay hard.

What about you? Have you tried a male enhancement pill before to help out when needed? What has worked for you? Any you’d recommend?

As with any review, don’t take our word for it, try it yourself! We realize things like this affect people differently, so there are probably MANY people whom have great results with Blue Chew. Visit their website to try it out!

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