We have an Onlyfans page. Why? For fun. We had heard the hype about how much money you can make on Onlyfans as a swinger couple, so we decided to set one up a couple years back, only to delete our Onlyfans hotwife page within a month after seeing how difficult it was to generate a following, manage the account and sell “content.” We have kids, jobs and other adult responsibilities and we quickly realized that in order to be successful on Onlyfans, you needed to almost make it your full time job. So we canned that shit and just continued to enjoy our normal pic taking and videos we made for our eyes only. Then in November 2022, we decided to give it another shot. This time, we resolved to just post and share our shit for fun and if we made a few bucks great, but if we didn’t that would be fine too.

We have only been on Onlyfans for 6 months but we have discovered some interesting insights into people that use Onlyfans, how the adult porn world interacts with the lifestyle community and some things that just rub us the wrong way. While there are a few things we love about Onlyfans, here are 5 reasons why we aren’t becoming fans:

1. “Hey sexy, wanna colab?”
Ever since we started sharing our Onlyfans page we get hit up 5x’s per day by men asking if we want to “colab.” Wanting to “colab” is just another way of saying, “Hey…wanna fuck?” It would be one thing if they just wanted a piece of ass, but they ALSO want to be compensated for it by obtaining a copy of the video for their own use to sell. Maybe someone can explain to me how this makes financial sense? Why would I want to record a sex tape with you, for both of us to have for distribution without any type of licensing agreement in place? I understand if you might have a super big following, but in all honesty, men aren’t the main driver in the industry. I’m not going to blow up on Onlyfans because I “colabed” with you. Also, you could sell the video for $3 and I could sell it for $10. Why would anyone buy from me if they can get it anywhere else online for cheaper? All this to say, we own 100% of our content until someone makes a purchase from us. Then, they can obviously do what they want with it. But there is no way in hell you’re going to fuck for free and then on top of it hustle our sex tape. If other male Onlyfans creators want to “colab” for profit, they are welcome to pay a hiring fee for us to perform in your production. That way, it’s up to you to recoup that fee with even more incentive for you to promote and distribute it. Many men we’ve spoken to seem to take offense to this policy, but its the one that only makes financial and logical sense for us at this point. We aren’t trying to become porn stars. Just trying to make a few bucks and have fun sharing our experiences.

2. Onlyfans creators now only seem to play with other Onlyfans creators.
I could be completely wrong on this one but it sure seems that if you’re a swinger couple in the lifestyle on Onlyfans, just having fun for the sake of fun is off the table. For us, once you do things for a monetary benefit, it ceases to be fun and now becomes work. If you’re creating Onlyfans productions you are working. You have to worry about lighting, angles, audio and editing. Many artists that try to monetize their art only to get burned out on their creativity because – now they just do it for money. Take this lovely Onlyfans girl for example below. Not looking for anyone else but content creators. While this girl looks cute from her photos, the fact that she is just looking to fuck “content creators” is a major turn off. Now maybe she finds only playing with Onlyfans creators a more safer, reliable way to find playmates? I could see some reasoning to that. But just because your on Onlyfans doesn’t make you safe nor reliable.


3. Onlyfans subscribers don’t pay for porn
The pipe dreams of making thousands of dollars on Onlyfans is just not panning out for most girls. The average Onlyfans girl only makes between $150-$180 per month according to a website called Earthweb.com. Also the average user only has 21 subscribers. Only the top creators earn 100k per year or more, while 33% of revenue is earned by 1% of content creators on the platform. Based on our experience, this is fairly accurate. Our page is free because we don’t create enough fresh content that quickly to keep people subscribing on a month to month basis. We’d prefer to subscribe for free and be able to purchase one off pics or videos that you’d like to see. Even still, with our 200+ subscribers, only a dozen or so that follow our page have actually purchased anything. Many just want to chat back and forth and send us dick pics. Many girls might join Onlyfans thinking they can just post their pics and the money will start rolling in, but this isn’t the case. The allure for most men is companionship and they want to converse to create some type of “girlfriend experience.” What this translates to with 200+ subscribers is a full time job that no one in their right mind has time for. I just can’t be a “girlfriend” to 200 guys.

4. Onlyfans requires consent forms for a finger in the video
We literally have been video taping our sex since before Onlyfans was a thing. We’ve always gotten verbal consent from those we’ve recorded and most of the time our partners are fine with it as long as their face isn’t included in the shot. This has resulted in quite the vast stash of hot photos and video clips of pussy pounding, wet blowjob dick sucking and orgasm after orgasm that we’d love to share with our fans. When we first started Onlyfans last November we had no issue uploading our past video content with people in them. In all of our videos Lynn is the start of the show anyway. However, Onlyfans has started flagging our content and asking for release forms from everyone in the video. While I understand the principle, I feel it’s impractical and pointless to get “consent for release” from faceless individuals. If a photographer is in public taking photos and happens to capture a few people who aren’t part of the shot in the background, according to Onlyfans, that photographer would have to get release forms from everyone on the street in order to use that photo.

5. The site isn’t user friendly
Along with many other websites in the lifestyle, [ie. SLS, Kasidie and Lifestyle Lounge] Onlyfans seems to not really give a fuck about user interface and experience. There isn’t any really good search features or filters to use and find what you might be interested in following. Onlyfans itself doesn’t have enough value for people to flock and traffic to it, so they rely on creators to promote themselves on other platforms to drive traffic to their landing pages. The actual pages themselves are nothing more than just a Facebook like feed of posts with the ability to hide pictures and content behind a paywall. There is really no good way to monitor who opens your messages, rank fans or manage the back end of the page. All the while you’re building a list of “fans,” the truth is they just belong to Onlyfans. If OF should shut down their website today, all of your hard work and effort building your empire would go down the drain.

There are many different opinions of Onlyfans in the lifestyle community. Some don’t choose to participate. Others find it a great way to make some side income and still feed their sexy, naughty desires at the same time. Which ever side of the fence you fall, we respect you for it. What about you? Do you have an Onlyfans you’d like to share in the comments? How has your experience been? Do you feel like people in the lifestyle treat you differently once they know you’re Onlyfans? Share your comments below.