We weren’t that into couples games until we got into the lifestyle. Now we are all for it! We even went so far as to create our own “kinky Jenga” game to play when friends come over to get things started if needed. [Need suggestions for this check out this link here https://thevelvetbox.com/diy-sexy-jenga/] It makes things fun, breaks the ice and helps get the party moving.

We came across a cool card game on Twitter called The Game of Lifestyle. They were generous to send us two packs to check it out and share with our Red Couchers what we thought. They sent two packs, the first was the “Ice Breaker Edition” [53 cards] and the second was the “Hot N Heavy” edition [51 cards]. The set comes in a very nice card playing packaging and quality made. Essentially these decks simply contain questions to ask and directions or “dares” for couples to act upon. The Hot N Heavy edition comes with 3 separate levels of hot from 1 flame being tame, to 3 flames being spicy. Players can decide how hot they want to get and discuss any boundaries they might have. You can play this game in a number of ways, but the instructions recommend a “spin the bottle” type way of playing.

What we like about this game is that the cheese factor is very, very low. Most “adult party games” we’ve seen seem to be Velveeta as fuck as they contain fuzzy dice, plastic handcuffs and spinner boards. This game contains none of the sort. The Game of Lifestyle is a quick game to pull out in a variety of settings that doesn’t come off as cheesy or complicated. The rules are simple and the question/dare selection is well thought out. If you’re with vanilla friends or a newbie couple, the “Icebreaker” edition is perfect to just lighten up the mood or get the ball rolling. If you’re experienced with your lifestyler friends, the “Hot N Heavy” edition could be a fun activity to change things up at your sexy house party. We even took these decks to our favorite club and placed them out on the tables for our friends. In a matter of moments, people had them out laughing and having a good time using them.

We give them a 5 star review and highly recommend. Pick them up on their website and go with the value pack and get both of them for $35.