The Hotwife/Cuckold lifestyle seems to be trending right now. With it being one of the top search terms on Pornhub, you have to wonder what the big deal is about hotwifing. It’s a very commonly shared fantasy among married couples. We found a couple on Instagram that goes by the handle HotwifecoupleTX. She was willing to share her thoughts and experiences when it comes to the HW life:

TRC: How long have you and your husband been together/married?

HotwifecoupleTX: We’ve been together for 18 years and married for 15.

TRC: Who brought up the Hotwife idea and what did you think initially when it was discussed?


HotwifecoupleTX: My husband originally brought up the idea of hotwifing. Before we were married we did swing a little, mainly went to a couple of private sex parties with some soft swapping and exhibitionism. We kept doing it after we were married but throw in a couple of kids and that side quickly fell away, but we didn’t mind, we have a great sex life at home. That side was just a fun addition from time to time. As for starting hotwifing, my husband brought it up to me. I never heard of it before.He explained the difference between cuckolding and hotwifing and he told me how hot he would find it for him to watch and hear of me with someone else, whether it’s a guy, woman or couple.

I didn’t understand it at first and didn’t want to, then over time, lots of role playing, dirty talking in the bedroom, then one night in Vegas the stars aligned for meeting a sexy guy, we flirted, hung out, danced, drank, gambled and we brought him back to our room.

“It started with my husband watching me make out with him in the elevator ride to the room, then when we got there, he sat in the chair as I got lost one on one with the other guy.”

Part way through he joined in the fun and I had two sexy men at the same time. I think having such a good experience the first time made a big difference with wanting to do it again.

We’ve had mostly good experiences but we had a couple that weren’t good and awkward, if one of those were our first experience then I likely would have never wanted to explore it again. We only explore this side 3-4 times a year and always when we travel. We haven’t found the right situation locally, plus we like discretion and keeping this lifestyle separate from work, family and friends. So, there is no rush for us, we only do this when we’re in the mood and the right situation presents itself, we don’t need it. If I did it 100 more times or never again, both would be fine for me.


TRC: What is it about the Hotwife lifestyle you enjoy most? What are you not a fan of?


HotwifecoupleTX: I like a few things about this lifestyle. First, I love how turned on my husband gets by it. It turns me on to see him so turned on. Second, I love being spoiled and pampered with attention. Plus the excitement of a new person touching me, seeing me naked, and kissing me is very arousing. When you’re in a long term relationship, sex with my husband is great but you don’t have those first kiss jitters anymore. With hotwifing, I get to experience that again, plus the passion we have after I play with someone else carries for weeks and months.
My husband and I attack each other like teenagers, our passion is heightened, That’s one of my favorite things with being a hotwife. I should add, I really love the tease and seduction of it too. Dressing up, going out, dating, drinking, dancing, flirting and talking is just fun. We aren’t a couple that looks for someone online to bring them right to the bedroom, that’s not our style. Sometimes I wish it were because it’d probably be easier but we both enjoy the courting and build up to a night of passion.


What am I not a fan of with this lifestyle? I’m not a fan of selfish men. Most selfish men don’t even realize they are selfish. Many guys claim to be good with a 3some or being watched but we’ve had a couple of bad experiences that when the clothes are off, the guys were all about their own pleasure and rushing to what got them off. If everyone in the room is worried about the others having the best time possible, it will be reciprocated and everyone has an amazing experience. We’ve also had a guy that when things got down, he couldn’t get it up and stage fright kicked. His excuse was, he said he wasn’t comfortable with my husband being there. He asked that we play one on one so he could do it, the guest doesn’t get to change the rules in the middle of the game, we discussed this in person ahead of time and he said he was good with it and was experienced with it too.


It was awkward when we asked him to leave, he didn’t want to and asked me to at least suck him off. Why would I do that when he wasn’t there for me, this has to be mutual. So my husband helped him get his clothes and leave. If our first experience was that guy, I would have never done it again. Luckily I’ve had a handful of amazing experiences. If the guys lived close by or they could clone them, I would do this more often. Oh, another thing I don’t like is when we are out I will wear an anklet and dress sexy. I’ve worn an anklet that says “hotwife” a few times and that never wound up being a good experience.


The average person doesn’t know that an anklet on the right side can mean I’m a hotwife and it’s ok to try and seduce me. When I wore one in Las Vegas that actually said “hotwife” on the anklet, the guys would google it on their phone and come up to me like that meant I would sleep with any guy. Guys would get too touchy feely, get too aggressive with how they talked and it wasn’t fun the two times I tried wearing one, I took the anklet off part way through the night. For me, there has to be mutual attraction, I know what I’m attracted to so don’t be insulted if I don’t want to sleep with you. Plus you can be the hottest guy in the world, if you walk up to me and say “I want to stick my dick in your pussy”, you’re not what I’m attracted to.


TRC: What advice would you give to couples who are exploring consensual non-monogamy?


HotwifecoupleTX: Communication is key, even though that’s a very generic term you hear all the time, it’s still true. Discuss why you both want to do it, establish boundaries if you want or have any. Also, only do this when your relationship is healthy and the strongest. We’ve met couples in the swinging lifestyle that you could tell got into it because they weren’t happy at home and really wanted to use swinging as a reason to date and sleep with other people. Issues always come up and the relationship will fall apart anyway. So do it for the right reasons, establish ground rules, ease into it slowly and have a good time. I think dirty talk, role playing, watch some porn of your fantasies is a good way to start to make sure you want to.


Then once you’re ready for the next step, go out without the intentions of sleeping with anyone but just flirt and talk to new people. Maybe go out and have the wife tell the husband men she finds attractive and she would sleep with, but don’t act on it. See how the husband and wife feel and react that night, the next day and that week. If everyone is still on board, each time take it a little further, maybe some in person flirting, maybe some touching, maybe kiss someone. If everyone is still on board, then take whatever next steps turns you both on and makes it comfortable for you both.


TRC: What advice would you give to single males interested in fucking a Hotwife?


HotwifecoupleTX: I don’t know why a single guy would go out of his way to find couples. My husband has slept with a number of couples before we ever dated, he never went out of his way to find couples. He had girlfriends he would swing with and then knowing people in that community other couples would talk to him and invite him in. I think guys should share their woman and experience that side before they want to be the guest guy for a couple. I have trouble seeing how a typical guy can be selfless enough in the bedroom, if they’ve never wanted to or shared their woman with someone else. You need to see both sides.


Maybe it’s because we’ve had a few bad experiences where the guy was selfish. We did try meeting some men online but that never worked out because the ones that advertised they wanted to sleep with couples or be the guy, were really about their own selfish needs. Now I am generalizing and I’m sure there is an exception to the rule but we noticed men that advertised they were looking for couples were looking for the easiest/quickest way to get laid. If you’re a single attractive guy that’s good in these situations, find a woman, date around because your name will get around in the lifestyle and couples will reach out to you. Be as giving with your girlfriend/wife as you want others to be. If a guy can’t picture sharing his girl with someone else even if she wanted to, then how is he going to be selfless enough in the bedroom to put my needs and my husbands above his own?


We knew a couple in the lifestyle where the woman was bi and the husband was straight, he was ok with bringing in couples and bi women but never wanted another man to touch his wife. He felt it was ok for him to sleep with other women but no other guy could touch her. She was bi so she enjoyed it at first but over time she saw through his selfish needs and eventually they broke up and she told me that selfishness became bigger and more noticeable where she saw it in all parts of their marriage. So a good guy for joining a couple is not selfish at all, is as giving with his partners as he wants other people to be with sharing with him.


What are your thoughts on the Hotwife lifestyle? Do you enjoy watching your wife fucking other men? Leave us some thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!