We know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, so we figured we’d get the ball rolling again with a new review from a sex product company called Promescent. FYI upfront, this is not a paid ad for Promescent, nor do we ever slant our reviews to try and get in favor with one product over another. Our loyalty is to our readers to give you our honest and authentic review on clubs, events and products we recommend. We feel it’s only responsible to give you a true “heads up” when you either visit a club, event or purchase a product. That being said, Promescent did provide us with product in exchange for a review. The only disclaimer necessary. Now, on to our thoughts on Promescent products.

Who doesn’t want to be better in bed? We love Promescent’s tag line “Better in Bed.” Many of us already have great sex lives, but there is always room to learn something new or improvement in a certain area. Promescent is a serious company, made up of a slew of Dr.’s, sex experts and various other advisors as listed on their website. These, at least they appear, to be legit Dr.s – not just stock photos of people in jackets with fake names. Hell – they even list their LinkedIN profiles in case you wanted to check their curriculum vitae.

Promescent sent us only a few of their most common products to review, but as you can see on their website they have over a dozen products from delay sprays, condoms and massage oils to vibrators and arousal gels. For this review we will focus on the flagship product Vitaflux, the before and after wipes and the lubes they sent us. While they did send us some delay spray and arousal gel for her, we just haven’t gotten around to them just yet. Trying to hold things up in the middle of a session while trying to apply some arousal gel could become problematic for us. We have tried other arousal gels before that just made her pussy numb, so if Promescent’s gels are anything like those other ones – she’s not really that interested.

I was excited to try the Vitaflux because I’m always looking for products that will make my cock thicker and stay harder longer. Not that I have issues in this department, but I am 44 and when it’s been a long day and I’m tired – a little boost never hurt anyone. In fact, I wish more guys in the lifestyle would use something to help get things going. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in situations where the guy can’t get hard and just ruined everything for us. But, I digress.

The website says that the Vitaflux product is clinically proven to increase erectile functioning, promotes boosted energy, circulation, recovery and more. The magic product in the Vitaflux pills are L-arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Zinc and Magnesium. Without getting into a huge scientific explanation about what each of these do, let’s just sum it all up by saying they help open up blood vessels, boost nitric oxide in the body and to support muscle recovery. Before even beginning to take something like this, you better believe I did good research into what these do for the body and possible side effects. After finding this information, I deducted that taking Vitaflux at worst might give me tummy problems, at best might make a difference in performance. While I didn’t find any issue with the contents, my biggest deterrent was the dosage – 6 pills per day. There was no way I was going to down 6 pills per day. I already take 2 fish oil pills in the morning, in addition to other vitamins that I take. So I agreed to try out the full supply, but only at 3 pills per day. I realize this is not the recommended dosage and for best results you should take all 6 per day, but I just couldn’t do it.

The results: At first my wife made a comment that she noticed a bit more girth depending how turned on I was. Not sure if this was a placebo effect or actual increase in thickness. As for me, the truth is after taking a full supply I felt nothing different. Now this could be because I should have been taking the 6 pills instead of 3, but I have a hard time believing there was no effect, even after 3 pills. The concentration must be super low in these pills and you need to take a lot of them for them to work. In fact the website says that to see significant sexual benefits, you’ll have to wait 90 days. Typically, if I am looking for a “hard dick” supplement, the best results I have had, believe it or not, have been a product called Titan that is an over the counter gas station pill. I know it sounds crazy, but I pop one of those and I’m hard for days – even with a few drinks in me. It’s hard for me to recommend something if it didn’t work for me, but I fully understand that supplements affect everyone differently. Just because they didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work for you. Also, if you take Vitaflux, be prepared to take the full 6 pills per day to get the best results.

The Water Based Lube – Big fan of the water based lube, especially for toys. It came in a smaller 4oz bottle with a flick up top for easy usage, but they also have the 8oz size available. There isn’t much to say about this product besides that fact that it was unscented and held up fairly well during our sessions using toys. It was super easy to clean and didn’t leave any stains or problems on our sheets.

The star of the show are these before and after wipes! Yes they are $15, but they are worth every fucking dollar. They come in a box of 40 individually wrapped wipes, easy to tear and high quality material. The first time I used these to wipe the pussy juice and cum off my cock after our session I was floored by the wonderful aloe scent. This is exactly what we need by our nightstand. Ladies, you might be able to relate to a session you’ve had with a guy where he used a latex condom to fuck and then wanted you to suck his dick. The latex scent and flavor definitely gets in the way of enjoyment doesn’t it? Well, in situations like this you need this box of wipes. They will take care of that odor and get rid of that nasty rubber taste. Granted my wife wasn’t clear to use them due to her sensitive pussy to aloe, but we highly recommend you give them a try. I doubt you will go back to what you did before. We often use baby wipes to clean up after or before, but these wipes put even wipes we use on babies put to shame. [Might be a new market for Promescent!]

We know this review is long as fuck, but we give Promescent a 4 out of 5 stars on the Red Couch scale of recommendation. Don’t let the Vitaflux review deter you from trying out their other products. This company has a lot to offer and we support them fully and will definitely be customers. Hopefully they figure out a reasonable dosage formula for Vitaflux because I’d be willing to give it another try. We highly recommend everyone to grab a box of before and after wipes for sure and why not throw in a bottle of lube to go with it? We are looking forward to see what else Promescent comes out with in the near future.