Anyone else getting stir crazy with all the Covid-19 drama being played out? We are definitely taking the necessary precautions as advised, but we don’t think the Corona virus is anything to keep us stressed out and worried. In fact, stress is a factor in lowering our immune systems so make sure that amidst the hysteria you find time to de-stress, relax and enjoy your time at home with each other and sexy friends.

Since most of the bars, restaurants and clubs are shut down, we figured we’d give you 6 sexy stay at home ideas to have fun while being stuck inside on a Friday or Saturday evening.

Pillow fight to destress “co-working space” frustration
When was the last time you just attacked your wife/hubby with a pillow and let them have it? If you both are working from home, this might be a great fun and playful way to get your grievances out on each other. Is he playing his music too loud? Sock him in the head with the bed pillow. Is she hogging up the bathroom? When she walks out, pop her in the butt with the couch pillow. Even better, pull out the super soakers and nurf guns if you have em.

Search YouTube for funny clips to show each other
Lynn and I do this all the time with each other. She is great at pulling up hilarious memes and texting them to me while I’m at work. It always puts a smile on my face. Youtube has some hilarious comedy channels. Some of the ones we like are Spice Adams, Cassady Campbell, and Ed Bassmaster. Heck you could probably get lost in Youtube for hours together if you’re not careful. Hopefully you’ll laugh your asses off as well. There have been a couple videos that brought us to tears.

Make an Amazon wish list to spend stimulus check on if you’re getting it

Trump is trying to get the people some money. The saddest part about this whole thing is what it will do to our economy and a recession is likely. However, if we get those stimulus checks, create an Amazon wishlist and make sure you include some kinky sex toys on it. Matter of fact Amazon isn’t necessarily the best place to find those kinky toys. Try Etsy or one of the other online stores and go online shopping together.

Do yoga/stretching YouTube videos together

Gotta stay healthy during the quarantine. Either you’re going to come out of all this 10lbs heavier or 10lbs slimmer. Make it a point to do some exercises together. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, maybe some stretching videos or yoga. If you’re more adventurous, try getting some workouts in together. There is nothing better than building up a sweat and feeling the burn at the same time.

Join a dating app as a couple and swipe left or right together and see what comes of it.
We haven’t had much luck on any of the dating apps meeting people, but it’s still a fun thing you can do together. You never know when you might find a sexy match you can reach out to. Some of the better ones we suggest are Tinder, Bumble, Feeld, and 3Fun. Head over to your app store or Google Play and just do a simple search and download. Many of them have a premium feature, but they also have a pretty wide open free features as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a sexy hook up for the evening. [Keep it to groups of less than 10 please]

Tell us what you’re doing to stay sane during the Covid-19 quarantine. Share with us some date night ideas, fun things to do or tips to deal or handle being on lock down. We’d love to hear your comments!

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