When you first are exposed to the lifestyle you hear many couples mention “we never take one for the team.” Interpretation: Taking one for the team usually means that if one person is attracted to the opposite partner, and the other one isn’t, they may feel obligated to fuck someone that they aren’t attracted to just to please their partner. Probably not a good idea, but lets challenge this age old addage. Why not take one for the team now and then? 🤣

Pros of taking one for the team: 🤣

We got you on the next round.
She might not have all her teeth, but her tits are wonderful.
Looks aren’t everything, personality makes you hot.
He might be a douche, but he’s packing.
Swinging is a team sport anyway.
You can always turn down the lights, you won’t know the difference.
Beer goggles actually work.

Cons of taking one for the team 🤣

The sex wasn’t that great.
Finished in 2 mins while my partner was still taking her to pound town.
Went to go fetch a bottled water and she had already cum 3 times when I got back.
Playing rocks, paper, scissors with your friend while your teammate sliding into home base.
Looking at the clock, watch or checking Facebook while with your friend.
Your friend is hung, but looks like Ron Jeremy.
Your friend is more interested in talking about what they had for lunch than you.

One of the biggest challenges we hear from couples in the lifestyle is that trying to find a 4 way connection is super hard. Sometimes the female half is hot, but the male half has let himself go. Sometimes the guy looks like a male model and his female partner is losing her teeth. Times are hard for a swinger! Either way, to each their own and at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?