So our review of TNA Nightlife parties is long overdue. Our first party was their NYE party in 17′. We’ve since recently attended their Halloween party in 2019 and just attended the NYE party for 19′.

As usual, we have to plug in a disclaimer here. Everyone’s experience of a club or party is different. Our reviews are not meant to “bash” any swinger group or speak negatively of anyone, but to instead give the average couple the honest consumers heads up as to what to expect at one of these parties.

The TNA Nightlife website says “For over 14 years, TNA Nightlife has provided the ultimate in private alternative lifestyle parties and events at a variety of classy venues offering opportunities to meet other open-minded couples and select singles for flirtatious, adult entertainment and socializing.” They seem to be based mostly in the NW Suburbs in Chicago.

I think we came across TNA parties either from a friend recommendation or from the time a couple years ago when we were on SLS. (We no longer really use SLS as they have taken away the free based membership and have gotten stringent on keeping the majority of the site premium.)

Our review here will be based on the recent NYE party we attended in 19′ and a few overall impressions we got from our experience. Instead of giving a complete play by play, we will just give you the things we liked and didn’t like in bulleted format:

• Registration process was simple. We were taken to a link from the website to register. They asked for simple information like names and email and that was it. As always, we appreciate the discretion. No need to give our address, phone number or photo ids. TNA did not have a waiver or sign off form for us to complete like other clubs we’ve been to for first time guests. We received email communication with both confirmation of our registration and emails leading up to the party with details. We definitely liked the way TNA keeps their attendees in the loop on necessary information.

• TNA says they have have been running parties for over 14 years. While that is something to be respected, it seems that the party hasn’t evolved in 14 years either. The location they chose to have the party was in a struggling resort hotel. Accommodations are dated, if functioning at all. Last time we booked a room there for a party, our heat wasn’t working and the furniture literally looked like it was from a garage sale. While booking a room onsite is always nice at one of these parties, I would not recommend at this location. We were glad we got a hotel room close by and shuttled there.

• When we arrived, we were simply checked in and given wristbands. One thing that’s important to us at swingers parties is the attitude and availability of the hosts. We were not properly introduced to the hosts, nor did we see any real host couples available to welcome us to the event. We have run our own parties and meetups in the past, our members will ALWAYS be greeted by both my wife and I and made sure to introduce the couple to a few people they may not know to make them feel comfortable.

• TNA had a photographer taking NYE pictures for the guests. (Not sure if this was an extra charge or not) This was an awesome touch seeing that most people were decked out in fabulous NYE attire. We really appreciate events where there are other activities to take advantage of or other entertainment available besides dancing and a DJ.

• The TNA DJ was decent. They played a great mix of NYE party bangers and a nice variety of genres of music. Sound was just enough for the dance area and they kept people out on the floor most of the night. Only complaint is the dance floor was tiny.

• The age range of couples at TNA varies between late 40’s and 50’s. Definitely an older crowd. We based this off of the online attendance profiles of people who RSVP’d. Some of the couples appeared to be even older and in their 60’s.

• We ended the party portion of the night with a champagne toast, countdown and balloon drop. Was a nice way to ring in the New Year.

• Probably the worst situation of the night was the “hospitality room/playroom.” Towards the end of the evening we figured we’d check it out to see what was happening there. It’s essentially a hotel room suite with a social area and a bedroom. We were horny as fuck that night, so we decided to get our groove on in the playroom just ourselves. TNA provided a couple bowls of veggie chips, soda mixers and a blowup mattress and bed. There were no condoms, no lube, no sexy lighting and no music playing. While my wife and I tried to get into the mood in the playroom, we couldn’t even think straight listening to the person in the other room crinkling their bag of veggie chips and crunching loudly in our full view. #facts The talking in the social room got too distracting for us, so we just grabbed our things and said goodnight.

Beyond that, there wasn’t else much to say about the TNA NYE party. It seems that TNA has a pretty loyal following that has attended their parties since the inception. This is both a great thing and also probably a challenge to find new, younger couples to “keep the party going.” The standard booze, DJ, tits and ass party scene seems to be getting redundant in our opinion. We’d like to see lifestyle parties get creative and take things to a new level. Is it possible in 2020 this might happen in Chicago?

Don’t take our word for it! Feel free to check out TNA’s website here and check out one of their upcoming parties. They have a Mardi Gras party scheduled for Feb 22nd.

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