Much debate these days we see on social media in our lifestyle community on how serious to take social distancing during COVID-19 lockdown and what’s next for those of us that like to get kinky. No matter where you fall in the spectrum on how you feel about the Coronavirus, we at The Red Couch have been doing diligence by canceling all our upcoming meetups and events until further notice. That doesn’t mean we still can’t all have our fun does it? So here are some things we think are important to take into consideration.

The Facts
As far as we can tell, the facts are that COVID-19 is spread by direct person to person contact or by people that are close to or within 6 feet of each other. It is believed that the virus, much like any cold or flu virus, is spread through respiratory droplets by coughing or sneezing. Based on these two valid points, the best advice anyone can give is – if you’re sick, stay the fuck at home.

Now – real talk – I don’t know anyone that would head to a party or a swingers club with a fever, chronic cough or sneeze, but you can’t trust what other people would do can you? So here’s what is safe and what you can do.

Safe sex is pretty much sex with your regular partner.
Take this time to really explore each other. Try a new sex position or toy that you’ve been wanting to play with. Maybe there is something you’ve been wanting more of in bed, but haven’t had the time to talk much about. Lynn and I recently talked about how she would like more oral lately and we attribute that to COVID-19. Thanks Corona! It’s best to avoid swapping for the time being. Hey, we see it like this: is getting banged like a screen door in a windstorm by someone other than your partner super hot? Of course. Can you hold off for a few months for safety concerns? Absolutely. Most of you will probably go full slut after this is all over because of the build up. So this is probably a good thing!

We often don’t think of masturbation as sex, but I guess we can lump it in with that category. If you can’t explore someone else, this is a good time to explore your own body. This especially applies if you’re single or apart from your partner. Try taking the masturbation challenge and masturbate without porn! Use a few different masturbation toys, lube or techniques. Many people, women especially, have experienced a lot of shame and guilt around masturbation from a strict upbringing or a religious background. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting yourself off and, in fact, you can look at it this way: how can you teach someone else to play your instrument if you don’t know how to play it yourself?

Is sexting sex? Not really, but still fun to do. Just make sure the person you’re sending nudies to is someone you know. Crazy right? I know. Never thought we would be resorting to sending nudes to our friends, but alas we are here. Here are some sexting tips:
1. Never send unsolicited dick pics.
Guys, this is a complete no no. No matter how big your schlong is. It doesn’t matter. It’s a turn off to most women. However, strike up a regular convo and bring up the subject. Consent is sexy and the worst that could happen is that they say they aren’t interested in that.
2. Use caution who you are sending pics to.
Is this a complete stranger? Maybe the person isn’t a complete stranger, but make sure the person is at least an acquaintance. Last thing you want happening is sharing your tittie pics with Dirty Earl from Kentucky when he claimed to be a sexy single female unicorn from Los Angeles.
3. No faces.
Probably best to leave your face out of the nudies. Your career or your reputation could depend on it.
4. Another great idea is to watermark it.
Put some type of screen name or email on the photo itself. There are many online free photo editors you could use to add a watermark. If your photo is shared someplace you don’t approve of, at least you will know that it’s your property and can take legal recourse if necessary.

Video sex
Lastly, video sex will definitely keep you safe from the Corona virus. In fact, video calls are pretty much a standard in today’s society. You can use a variety of platforms, but make sure you check their terms of service before you decide to get nakie. Face-time through Iphone is always an option. Here are a couple other video sex platforms you could opt to use:


The virus epidemic doesn’t have to be the downfall of your sex life. There are still lots of great naughty things you can be up to in the midst of all the craziness. What are some of your ideas? Does any of this resonate with you? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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