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Written by Lynn:

Disclaimer: Not for men that get grossed out easily haha

All women have had a moment in their life that was ruined by their friend. I’m not talking about your best friend or the new friend you clicked with and haven’t had time to meet up with yet. I’m talking about that monthly friend. One that for some, can be fairly predictable but can also show up – uninvited.

Or… there is the other uninvited guest that goes by the name yeast. You switch bath soaps to one that smells amazing, use a new type of condom that feels more “comfortable”, increase workouts and end up sweating because of the sex goddess baddass you are and as a result you end up with another week of the month with an “out of commission” cootch.

Now for some this would be no big deal, but for someone like me who thinks about sex daily and feels less adequate when my pussy isn’t available to a hard cock or willing tongue, it can mess with me mentally and cause me to feel insecure. Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking dick and a great handjob can be wonderful, but LETS. BE. REAL… Especially when all this shit goes down during that sexy weekend you had planned and been waiting for since you started talking about it with your partner. The babysitter is already scheduled and now your feeling fucked. But not in the way you want to feel fucked. Ya know what I mean?

After I get over the shock that this can’t be happening to ME, I come back down to reality, grab my vibrator (for stress relief of course ;P) and go into problem solving mode. 

When it comes to the big picture, yes this is only once a month, so of course there is always next month. *said in a disappointed voice* But GIRL, here is my advice from one sister to another. Still go to that party or event you bought that sexy outfit for- work that shit and be confident anyways knowing you are not alone because We. Are. Women. Mingle and flirt until you make someones dick hard and/or pussy wet, then get their number and make plans for another time. We have found that the better experiences have come from moments when we have had a minute to “connect” with who we play with. We get a sense of their personality, how they act towards others and it creates a desire for when you do get to take those sexy clothes off.

If it is the regular monthly friend for a visit, there are always other options. I have used something called a Disc (aka called a menstrual disc). http://softdisc.com/how-it-works/ It is different than a Cup because you are able to have sex while wearing it. I would not recommend this for heavy days but once those two or three days are done, you should be good to go with this baby. It is not too hard to put in and actually, IMHO, intensifies the orgasm. It may be felt by wandering fingers if they end up giving pleasure but has not interfered with penetration. There is also the soft swap option in this case [I know can be a swinger dirty word for some haha] but it is a better option if this is your only time during the month you have available and still want to have some naughty time. Feeling a nice thick dick at the back of my throat can still get my pussy wet and I can always rub my clit while I’m doing it, so win-win!

I know it’s easier said than done for some, but try to stay out of your head. Most women and couples completely understand when you say you aren’t “available” and are non-judgemental because they have been there once. Women’s bodies are SO complex- especially the part that makes us- well, women. You are not alone. You are beautiful not only because of your amazing pussy but because you are a sexual goddess inside and out. 

PS. Researching this topic, we also found this great article by our friends at SwingersHelp.com that could be a great resource. https://swingershelp.com/managing-menstruation/

What are some of the ideas you ladies have when this moment strikes? What are your secrets? How have others reacted? Leave your comments and tips! 

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