Lube. If you have sex you need it. We’ve even heard from professional sex therapists that everyone should use lube, every single time when having sex. We’ve never really thought about it, but it does make sense. Even a little bit of wetness still might need a little bit of extra help. It just makes sense that everything feels better a bit more slicker and a bit more wetter.

So before we get into our review on Spunklube, I think it would do everyone justice to give a short recap on the different options that are available for lubrication. Here are 4 main lube bases and what they mean for you:

1. Water based lube
Water based lubes are easy to clean and wash out of clothing and sheets perfectly. Since water is a the most natural element out there, it’s also very safe on the skin and won’t be a problem with condoms or silicone toys.

2. Silicone based lube
Silicone can be found in different forms like rubber, resin and oil. What makes silicone lubes fun are that they are silky smooth, and often last longer and doesn’t need to be reapplied often. Silicone is hypoallergenic, which means it’s a great lube for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Silicone lubes shouldn’t be used with toys, as they can put lots of wear and tear on them over time.

3. Hybrid lubes
With hybrid lubes, you enjoy the natural feeling of water based lubes while getting the longer lasting application of a silicone lube. Because of the silicone ingredient, you should avoid using toys with hybrid lubes.

4. Oil based lubes
Some people like the feeling of oil and oil based lubes are great for giving massages. However, keep in mind oil based lubes are not safe to use with latex condoms. They may cause latex to rip or tear easily. Oil based lubes are also hard to clean up and wash out of clothing or sheets. Some things to keep in mind.

Now on to our review of Spunklube!

Our friends at Spunklube were gracious enough to send The Red Couch a “care package” so to speak to try out their offerings.

The first bottle they sent is the famous Spunklube “White and Creamy” tube. We love the packaging and also never used lube with a pump before. When we did try it out, we found that the pump is genius. Keeping the application just enough and staying away from the mess we usually get from squeeze bottles.

The “White and Creamy” mimics the look and feel of natural body lubrication meaning that it’s white and smooth. It is a hybrid lube and probably the one we prefer of Spunklube out of all the ones we tried.

It’s easier to clean and just enough silicone to keep it lasting longer. We were pleased there was no funny smell as well. Probably as good as it gets when it comes to lube.

The 8 oz “White and Creamy” bottle is reasonably priced at $15 which is middle range for standard 8 oz bottle of lubes ranging from cheapo $8 lube up to $20 fancy shit. Considering the 8 oz bottle will probably last us at least a year or two, I think it’s worth the investment.

The green bottle was the silicone based lube. Straight out the gate it was obviously the lesser fave of the two we received. No pump on it was a negative in our opinion. We didn’t have any problem squeezing it out, but after using the pump on the “White and Creamy,” it’s hard to go back from there. We were not a fan of silicone based lube either. It was too slimy and a bitch to clean off. I literally had beaded hands under the water faucet trying to scrub this shit off. This is isn’t a knock against Spunklube, but more or less a knock against silicone based lube. We can’t fault them, but in our opinion we would never understand why anyone would want to try a pure silicone based lube to play with. It was clear and not white like the hybrid we tested out previously, and the 8 oz bottle is slightly more expensive at $18.00. If you’re a silicone lube fan, you might enjoy this lube, but we will probably be using it for engine oil fluid or bike chain lubrication. 🙂

You can order Spunklube directly from their website here However, if you do a quick Google search for Spunklube it appears you can get it anywhere from Walmart, Amazon or a variety of online sex toy websites.

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