We discovered Sex Uninterrupted through The Sexy Lifestyle Network and on Facebook and Instagram. What stood out to us was Taara’s confidence in her sexuality and ability to embrace her inner goddess slut. (and we mean that in a good way). Taara and James also publish a plethora of swinger, poly and ethical non-monogamy content from their website and podcast called Sex Uninterrupted. They have lots of hot sexy stories to share, as well as advice on the swinger lifestyle. We caught up with them recently to find out some more details about what it takes to become spiritual sluts.

Tell us about Sex Uninterrupted. What are you trying to accomplish?
Our mission with Sex Uninterrupted is show others they have a choice when it comes to their sexuality, relationship and life. You do not have to fit into the relationship cliche that you have been taught. You have the POWER to make a CHOICE for YOU! You can completely step outside everything you thought you knew so that you can experience the life and sex you crave.

You’re based in Canada. What is the difference between the scene in Canada versus the US? Do you speak French?
James speaks a small amount of French but I do not! He went to university in Quebec so he was exposed to it more than I was. When it comes to the Lifestyle scene in Canada there are a lot of similarities to the States. There are plenty of clubs, parties and events to attend however, there are less people. We only have big lifestyle clubs in Toronto. In our city we have five but they are quite small and once you hit 100 people it gets fairly tight. The community is great in our city though. We love how close, accepting and loving everyone is.

You started a program around spirituality and sex. Sex traditionally has been promoted within a monogamous ideal. How do you see the two related?
I am one who does not believe in fitting into the social norm. I know exploring my sexuality is a very empowering thing when it comes to spirituality. I understand deeper levels of who I am, what I want and what I don’t want.

I believe you are happiest and feel most fulfilled when you are living your truth. When I hide myself and my truth – everything seemed to be difficult.

Achieving goals, welcoming abundance, loving my body and soul – it was all a challenge. As soon as I decided to take a stand for my truth, everything shifted. I effortlessly was able to crush my goals (and push further), welcome the abundance I deserved, create boundaries and love who I am. It is a magical and empowering thing to understand and speak your truth. And you will be rewarded once you make that choice. Your sexuality should not be ignored in order to fit the ideologies or religion or others and that is why I believe the two are related and explore this in my Spiritual Slut program.

What the fuck is a yoni egg?

Haha! Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals you insert into your yoni – aka pussy! They assist with healing you on a metaphysical level and physical level. Metaphysically they offer you all the healing benefits of using regular crystals. That is why they offer different types like obsidian or rose quartz. They bring awareness to your yoni again and help you to reconnect with her. On a physical level the help to strengthen your pelvic floor and help with issues like incontinence. With regular use you can also experience more powerful orgasms and less pain during sex.

What special plans do you have for 2019?
It seems that 2019 is all about travel for us! We are going to be at Young Swingers Week in March, Desire in April, Fusion in Las Vegas in May and Naughty in N’awlins in July. We want to share our real-life experiences from each of these trips via lives and social media to help others pick the right trips and events for themselves.

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