This time we focus on 5 things every husband wants his wife to know.

Part 2 of the “what we want you to know” post from last week. Guys, if you’re reading this, you should be studying Lynn’s post up and down! If you happened to miss it, you can read her post here “5 Things Every Wife Wants Their Husband To Know.” Ladies, if you’re curious about what us guys think about when we are staring out the window, you need to listen up! Here is my disclaimer: I’m not the average guy. I know nothing about trucks, who’s in the playoffs or the difference between a eye-hook screw and a washer. So take it in stride that I might be a bit different than the average guy. I know there are other dudes out there like me, so keep this in mind while reading. Here are my 5 things I believe every husband wants his wife to know:

1. We have different boxes for everything. Don’t try and mix them.
We have a sex box, a money box, a work box and a box for the kids. We have a hard time multi-tasking and while, for you everything might be connected, for us it often doesn’t work that way. We even have something called a “nothing box” where (yes hard to believe) we just like to sit and do nothing.

2. Respect is important, even when we are acting like a selfish 12 year old.
We can go without warm fuzzies for a while, but the one thing we can’t do without is your respect. Yes we fuck up. Yes, we hardly have our shit together. However, please do your best to respect us. Bring out the best in us. Your put downs and cutting remarks aren’t helping us.

3. Just because we check out ass and tits, doesn’t mean we want to replace you.
If you’re a Red Coucher, you’re either married or have been together a long time. Your an idiot if you leave your wife for new pussy. While we might enjoy the occasional glance at a beautiful women, she will never, ever measure up to you in our eyes. You’re the mother of our children, you’re the glue of the family, you’re our best friend and lover. You know the things that make us tick that no one else knows about.

4. We need time either with ourselves or with our buddies.
Just like you need “girl time,” we also need our own individual space. We need to go build something, shoot something or climb a rock. We have an innate need to pull out our dicks and see how far we can piss in the woods. Our idea of friendship is different, but we still like our friends. Want a recipe to ruin our relationship? Smother us.

5. We deep down want you to be a dirty slut in the bedroom.
Yes, it’s hard to get out of mommy mode, but it gets our dick hard to think that your a cum loving, dirty slut that enjoys getting her holes filled. Be confident about it. Be adventurous. Try something (or someone) you’ve never tried before. We will be there to support you, catch you and pull you in if it goes to far. We won’t judge you, get jealous or hold you back. Yes, you’re mom told you to keep your legs closed, but you’re married now and you have our 100% permission to play.

We want to hear from you

I realize this list isn’t exhaustive and might not apply to every guy or couple. What did I miss? Guys, what are a couple of things you think every wife should know about her man? Post them in the comments below!