Rather than write a play by play review of The Lux, we’ve elected to just give a few bullet points on what we love and what we don’t love about The Lux. Here is a little backstory:

Full disclosure. We are romantically in love with The Lux. It’s been the club we frequent the most and hopefully, our reasons below will explain why. With that said, every club or party has it’s weaknesses and improvements. It’s not our goal to bash or downplay any club whatsoever. It’s simply to give the average swinger or newbie couple the “heads up” and to allow people a glimpse into the average night at the local swingers club. Many people are nervous and scared to attend because they don’t know what to expect when the come to a swingers club, especially the first time. Our goal is to help couples to relax and hopefully not fear the unknown by disclosing a few details on what we experienced when we came the the club.


The Lux bills itself as a “members only” lifestyle club. The website says “The Lux Experience is a premier, exclusive, high-end, members-only BYOB gathering for friends in the lifestyle. We do not charge for membership.” The Lux has been featured on the “Sexy Lifestyle” Podcast with Carol and Dave which is one of the biggest lifestyle podcasts to date. What The Lux prides itself on is the “hang back or interact” atmosphere they create. The owners of The Lux want people to feel comfortable watching, partying or playing at their events. Their website also states that “This is not a business in any way, and under no circumstances should be viewed as one, but a gathering of like-minded adults who enjoy the lifestyle.” The website is simply an informational website and there is no way to contact members or sign up to create any kind of profile like a dating site.

• We heard about The Lux through a Facebook group that we are a part of. We were curious to attend and find out more information, so we were told to contact a person from the Facebook group privately. We did and received a response within the same day. We were told to call and RSVP. To secure our invite, we also registered on the website as member. When we called, we spoke with the hostess and was given details involving location and expectations for the party. We are from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, so The Lux is a bit of the drive. More on that in a minute.

• Security was tight. When we arrived, we were guided in by a friendly security person. He simply asked our name and checked us in on the guest list. He told us where to park and even suggested we drop off my wife, who was wearing heels for the night. We weren’t weirded out by this the least. In fact, this made it feel safe and discreet for us knowing that people were being monitored here and not just anyone was allowed in.

• Check in involved simply walking in and opening the door to the residence. The hostess greeted us at the door with a big hug and welcome. The Lux has a very nice locker room section with their own locks. We definitely recommend taking advantage of this to put your belongings, bags or other stuff. We were given a tour of the facility and eventually let go to do as we please.

• The food here is amazing! It’s worth the trip to The Lux alone! Not sure if it’s catered or home made, but it was professionally presented and tasted like a wedding buffet. I’m talking prime rib, marinated sausages, turkey brisket etc. They also had a desert section with cake, cookies and nice treats. The Lux doesn’t serve pizza or sliders here. When they say “upscale experience” they mean it!

• The amenities were off the chain. We happened to go just after they closed the outdoor pool, but they feature two hot tubs, two dance floors, 10 private rooms, two large group rooms, a stripper pole, full bar, professional night club lighting, pool table and several nooks and crannies to play in and was very clean and upscale. (is that enough for you?)

• The party is BYOB, they have all mixers, just like other clubs. They provide cups, ice and bottle openers. We especially appreciate this feature clubs and parties can offer because drinks can be expensive when meeting up at a bar or hotel party. We don’t like feeling like we need to take out a loan to attend a swingers party.

• The people at The Lux were super friendly. We can tell there is a core group of regulars that hit up The Lux, but they weren’t clicky. We were welcomed and greeted several times by the established crowd. There were no issues with us being new, no labels and no wristbands. The crowd definitely felt like family.

• Sometimes you don’t want to party with your family though. lol. The age range of people at The Lux is definitely on the mature side. But when we say “mature” we mean cougar, hotwife, side. Just because people seemed to be on the more 35-45 side of the spectrum doesn’t mean they weren’t attractive. We found everyone we met pretty attractive. The first night we attended there were several young married couples there that were 24-35 years old. (we even got to play with them) Bonus!

• The rest of the night will not be disclosed due to the privacy of those involved but everyone had a hot time and we’ll leave it at that. The Lux also has a kind of “BDSM” room that includes a few play toys you can use, along with bed straps and blindfolds. They also sported a sex swing in that room, which we found sexy as hell.

• The only real issue we have with The Lux is the distance it is from us. The residence is in a largely unincorporated area that is over an hour and half from us. While we don’t mind playing outside of our zip code, the journey is quite the distance from us personally. Many of the people you’ll meet here are from the NW Indiana border. Not everyone, but most, although we’ve met several people from out of town or further away here.
Not much to complain about with The Lux. We consider it our “home club” when we tell people about where we like to play. We have concerns about the news of them having municipal issues, but we don’t see them shutting down anytime soon. There is absolutely no legal reason why The Lux shouldn’t be allowed to continue to host the sexy, fun lifestyle experiences they do currently. We would recommend you give The Lux a try and see if it’s for you. You can see details and more at https://www.thelux.net/