The Important Things Every Wife Wants Their Husband To Know

Lynn rarely contributes to the blog. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because she is usually tied to family obligations and doesn’t have the time. I asked her to put together a list of 5 things every wife wants her husband to know. We are sure there are more, but this a short list:

1. We want to see you and follow you as protector/leader but also see ourselves as strong and able to care for ourselves at the same time.
We know it makes us sound like we are crazy, but it’s the truth. We need to feel protected and led, but at the same time we need a strong leader to guide us from time to time. It doesn’t mean we’re weak, it just means we need each other.

2. We need to feel appreciated/given affection for the things we do and know that the little things you do, without being asked, are appreciated too- it helps when something is done shortly after we ask too!
Guys, give appreciation when needed. What happened to the bouquet of flowers? The boxes of chocolate and sexy lingerie? You did things in the honeymoon phase of your relationship that you don’t keep doing. Keep up the little things.

3. We’re always multi tasking something – physically and/or mentally, but sometimes we need a break. Stop us from the daily “autopilot” and tell us to go take a break or take us out for some fun.
Sometimes we need you to tell us to “stop.” That might mean you give us a gift card for Starbucks for us to get a fancy latte or a spa gift card. It also might mean you take us out for some fun. Swing club or otherwise. 🙂

4. When you are open, honest, vulnerable with me it makes me want to be more with you. Sometimes you think you need to be strong and not open up to us, but in reality the key to our vulnerability rests with your ability to open up to us. We want to hear about your struggles, weaknesses, interests and otherwise. If you saw a juicy booty today, let us know. If you enjoyed a scene you found on Pornhub, tell us about it! We might be interested.

5. We need more than just physical pleasure – undivided attention, emotional connection, non-sexual intimacy, focus on the build up to sex (texts through day, sexy talk, romancing, affection).
While the physical aspect of sex is important, it’s much more than that to us. We want the sexual build up, the conversation and non-sexual intimacy. Look into our eyes, give us the attention we need both sexually and non-sexually. We want more than just sex, we want the emotional connection too!

What did we miss?

Do you have anything that you would add to this list? Wives, comment below some of the things we are missing. Stay tuned for the 5 things every husband wants their wives to know list coming up next.