Review of Invite Only Swingers Party Chicago

Rather than write a play by play review of Invite Only Swingers Club, we’ve elected to just give a few bullet points on what we loved and didn’t love about the Invite Only Parties we attended. Here is a little backstory:

We came across Invite Only Chicago through other’s recommendations. Seeing that the regular club we attend was a bit of a distance, we decided to try out a club that was a bit closer to home. Our first party we attended was the “Taste The Rainbow” party back in April.

Invite Only Swingers Club bills itself as “The Premier Swingers Club in Chicago”. The website says “we cater to all sex-positive couples who are ethically non-monogamous and single females looking to play with couples.” Invite Only Swingers Club has been featured on Playboy Radio’s Holli & Michael show numerous times including live broadcasts at their large events. Their website also states that “Our events provide numerous top notch amenities and an attention to detail that is unmatched.” The website serves as an event hub, but also allows couples to sign up, search and message other couples. There is also merchandise available for sale on the website directly.

As stated in other reviews, it’s not our goal to bash or downplay any club whatsoever. It’s simply to give the average swinger or newbie couple the “heads up” and to allow people a glimpse into the average night at the local swingers club. Many people are nervous and scared to attend because they don’t know what to expect when the come to a swingers club, especially the first time. Our goal is to help couples to relax and hopefully not fear the unknown by disclosing a few details on what we experienced when we came the the club.

• Registration process was simple and to the point at Invite Only. We initially paid our registration fee, received the confirmation email, but the event details were not supposed to be sent out until the day of by 12pm that Saturday. We chilled the whole day waiting for the event details and never received them. Eventually, I texted a number that was given to see what was up. Someone replied and said they were running behind schedule and that the event details would be sent out within the hour. We eventually got the event details by email.

• We Googled the event address and was initially confused. It looked like a residential address. Our suspicions were confirmed as we pulled up to the address and saw that the party was being hosted at a 3 story flat in Chicago. The question in my head was “How are they going to accommodate such a large party here?”

• Check in involved simply walking in and opening the door to the residence. There seemed to be some confusion as to who was checking people in and where we were supposed to go. No one really greeted us and gave us any instruction on what to do. Eventually we awkwardly got checked in by a girl and given a wristband.

• We like IO’s emphasis about “consent based” events. They clearly spell out the expectations in their promotions. They do their best to communicate to the attendees what is appropriate behavior and what isn’t. It almost shouldn’t be said, but we are glad IO takes the stance on making sure everyone is on the same page. We never had any consent issues at the party unlike a couple others we’d been to in the past where the guys were handsy and didn’t ask.

• BYOB. We like that IO is BYO booze. Drinks in the city can be over priced. We appreciated the opportunity to bring our favorite drinks to the party. They had all the things we needed. Mixers, ice, bottle openers and cups.

• Single males not allowed. We also appreciated the no single male rule. Though we like to add the single male occasionally, they are a dime a dozen. Single males are allowed if they bring a female date here. So it works out for everyone.

• We were given a short tour of the spot by a cute short haired blonde. There wasn’t much to show. The venue consisted of a third floor “social room” with two beds on the floor behind a couch. The second floor featured two separate semi-private rooms. One room was divided by pipe drape for some assemblance of privacy. The level floor consisted of a kitchen and living room area where couples mostly socialized throughout the night. The best spot, we found, was the basement private room. We were not impressed with the amenities here. The venue was not accommodating for a party of 70+ people. But we made the best of it. I’m aware this has been an issue with parties in Chicago, and to the promoters credit, IO is always on the look out for larger venues that could accommodate. Until then, we get the fact that they are trying their best. Despite the venue restrictions, I think IO did a great job of transforming the space into a working club atmosphere.

• This party was out of our ordinary comfort zone. We didn’t know anyone from Invite Only Swingers Club. The host was stand offish and didn’t really speak to anyone. Was on his phone most of the time texting. Most of the newbie couples were left to fend for themselves. Other clubs we’ve been to seem to have a core group of regulars or club “ambassadors” that take it upon themselves to make new couples feel at home. We took it upon ourselves to approach people and make it a good time. Mostly young couples, lots of dating couples and even a few that had just met on Tinder a couple weeks ago.

• We appreciated that music was kept a conversational volume, but no there was no room to dance. Considering the wife loves to shake her ass, this was a bummer for us.

• We thought the crowd at Invite Only was sexy and attractive for sure. Lots of hot bodies, tits and ass. Isn’t that what we are all here for anyway? lol

• The rest of the night will not be disclosed due to the privacy of those involved but everyone had a hot time and we’ll leave it at that. We did eventually hook up with an attractive couple in the private room downstairs. However, we had several people coming in and out of the room at the time.

• Though we didn’t have any major concerns, we didn’t notice any type of security presence.

• We ended the night fucking and pretty much getting the fuck out. As we were leaving, the party seemed to get rowdier and louder.

They have other premium parties that seem to be hosted in larger venues and better themed, but we have yet to check them out. Despite the hang ups mentioned in this review, Invite Only Party was still a blast to attend. We especially enjoyed the quality of couples this club attracts from a physical aspect. The discreet, exclusive nature of their events are an appeal to couples like us that want to meet hot, like-minded couples like us, yet stay ultra discreet. We would recommend you give Invite Only a try and see if it’s for you. You can see details and more at