Can you relate to this evening scene?

Get home from work or driving kids around all day, greet family. Figure out what to make for dinner, put dinner on the table. Try to listen attentively to what happened during your children’s days and be present as you are giving baths and doing night time routines. Clean kitchen or finish adult responsibilities. Sit on the couch (for maybe the first “relaxing” moment of the day) and recap with partner about their day and catch up on life.  

Sounds like a great introduction to intimacy with your partner doesn’t it?

For me, and I am assuming most women, I need a few minutes to switch roles. Connection with my partner is important for me, so making the time and putting in the effort should be just as important. Here are some things that I do to transform into a naughty, sex goddess:

  • Take a shower with my favorite smells.
    One of my favorite smells is orchid flowers. Nothing turns me on more than jumping in a nice relaxing shower and rubbing down my body from head to toe, letting the shower steam up and massage my body. It definitely helps me to make the transition from mommy mode, to sex diva
  • Put on an outfit that i feel sexy in or ask my partner what they would like to see me in.
    Sometimes a girl just has to put on her heels, no matter what time of day! Full transparency – I’ll wear them after the kids go down, just because it makes me feel sexy. I’ll also slip into a sexy nighty that my husband likes and try and signal to him that I want some action. Once he sees that I’m relaxed and feeling horny, we usually get turned up before bedtime.
  • Grab an adult beverage and relax.
    When I say relax, I don’t mean in front of bills, Facebook, other distractions but instead just chill or zone out. If I’m feeling extra naughty I maybe even will watch something sexy a la Pornhub. My drink of choice is either a nice glass of wine or a vodka spritzer.
  • Set the mood- three S’s.
    We got some great advice from our friends at The Priory Society. They call it the 3 S’s to set the mood. Sight, Sound and Scent. Making sure that not only do I look good, but I also smell good is important. After changing diapers and chopping up garlic to throw in tonight’s dinner, I need to pivot and freshen up a little. Throwing on some music is also a great idea to help set the mood with some sexy jazz, r&b or lounge electronica
  • Communicate my needs to my partner.
    We always say couples make the communication mistake thinking they can read each others minds or expect the other person just “to know.” If I’m wanting connection time, then I need to let him know. Sometimes guys need a clear signal or for you to come out and say it. Also, I keep unsexy conversations for another time. Wanna not be a sexy goddess? Talk about soccer practice or the meltdown the children had.

We’re curious to hear from you. What types of things do you do to transform from mommy mode to purring sex kitten? Does anyone else find this a challenge or is it easy for you to slip right into that role?

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